Extra curricular activities was conducted in the school premises on November 2, 2013.

A host of extra curricular activities like General Knowledge Quiz, Science Debate, Group Discussion, Yoga workshop, etc. were conducted in the school premises on November 2, 2013. The aim is to inculcate good reading habits in the students and teach them how to benefit from Yoga techniques to improve their concentration and grasping power along with techniques to lead a healthy life.

 21st National Children Science Congress

21st National Children Science Congress – District level seminar on 23rd October at Girls High School, Kishanganj. There are two groups from the school participating in this event. The group is headed by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Saniyal. The 1st group is lead by Arman Rafiq. The topic is- Encouraging the people of Kishanganj to use Solar Energy. Group members- Rahul Bari, Nawab Kaushar, Faizan Akhtar, Izhar Ahmed.

The 2nd Group is lead by Md. Mohsin Raza. The topic is- Probability of Bio Gas Plant in Kishanganj district. Group members- Sayan Farukhi, Moazzan Raza, Janishar Akhtar, Nishar Ahmed.

 Olympiads participation

101 particpated in olympiads last year, 64 in science, 37 in maths.

 National genius research examination

National genius research examination on 7th Dec. 2013-Students will participate.

 Taekwondo Coaching Camp

A Taekwondo Coaching Camp was organised at school campus from 1st June to 15th June 2013.

 Republic Day

 Independence Day

 Christmas Function

  Farewell 2011-12