Student Corner


The school encourages regular study by every student and promotion to higher classes depends upon successful performance in unit and terminal tests spread over the whole academic year. The school has implemented Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) thoroughly.

The assessments of students learning ability is based on the series of Formative and Summative Assessment organised throughout they year. In a year there are two terms, in each term there is one Summative Assessment and two Formative Assessments. The Formative Assessment includes conducting unit tests, oral tests, home assignments, making chart papers, projects, group discussion etc.

The weightage is given for each test and assessment :-

Weightage of Formative Assessment :

Weightage of Summative Assessment :

Progress Report of every student is sent to the parents/guardians giving details of the marks obtained in each subject immediately after the examination. The students should have a minimum of 90% attendance along with required academic achievement for promotion to the next higher class. The special coaching and remedial classes for weak students in all subjects are regularly arranged and given extra care to them.